The Print Experience

Okay, you're here to chat and learn about prints!

Every single week client's ask.... "where is the best place to get prints". The best place, the best convenience, the best price and the best quality will not be the same for every single person, however, the online print store is most definitely affordable and is professional quality which is why I have chosen them for mine and my clients prints.

It is now time to do something with these digital files apart from updating your social media profile pictures and then a few weeks later all the hype from your session be forgotten about because the images are lost on a hard drive some where.

For a lot of people the idea of downloading their images to a portable device and going to the shops to have the images printed is that much of a task it get's written off in the too hard basket. Other's consider themselves to be computer illiterate and think they can not do any of this. Even if you are guilty of all the above, I can promise you, you will not disappointed in the quality of these prints.

Why invest in my prints?

I know you're thinking it and I too didn't see why I needed to use a print lab for my prints once upon a time. Now I can not go back. To put it simply so you do not have to read an entire blog post trying to find the valuable information I will spell it out for you here.


If you booked me as your photographer because my camera's, knowledge and style produce the most STUNNING colours like you see throughout my website and social media feeds than you should also understand that I can not produce the same colours and quality if I was to photograph your session with say, an iPhone.

Printing is no different. Although if you wanted to print your images through an instant lab for 10c a copy I may as well have photographed your session on an iPhone because it makes absolutely no difference when you are printing with such a poor quality print lab. They just simply not print the colours like I have captured and that of what you see and love.

I can guarantee the colours you see in your prints from the instant lab will be lifeless. Greens will be more yellow, skin tones more pale or more red and all in all you will be thinking I have edited images poorly, and when you ask at the store they will not be able to do anything about it and simply suggest it's just how the images are. My heart would be breaking at this point! I know full and well how difficult the task is to get the family all dressed, survive the photo session, love your gallery but then either do nothing with them or not love the quality of prints you paid for.

Step 1

Make sure you have downloaded a copy of your gallery and another copy for safe keeping incase files corrupt, hard drives fail or USB's are lost.

Step 2

Accessing the Print Store! From your gallery in the top right hand corner click on the 'PRINT STORE' button. Select which category you are wanting to order from, for now just click on prints.

Step 3

Prices start from $3 for the finest-quality Lustre paper so now it is up to you to chose sizes and finishes. Then select 'BUY PRINTS'. Your gallery should now open for you to select which images you would want, then hit next.

Step 4

Here is where you can change how many copies you would like of each print and when you are finished select 'ADD TO CART'.

Proceed to the checkout and be sure to enter any discount codes are voucher's before finalising your order

Any other questions you may have please send me an email to

Happy Printing!!