In a whirlwind of love, adventure, and champagne bubbles, Megan and Joss said "I do" on a sun-kissed family property near Kyogle. As full-time travel content creators with a passion for exploring Australia, their wedding day was nothing short of a spectacular celebration, filled with laughter, love, and a touch of wanderlust.

Megan and Joss are more than just a couple; they're a sensation in the travel world. But on this special day, they stepped away from their cameras to focus on what truly mattered: each other and the love they shared. Set against the backdrop of rolling hills and endless skies, their summer wedding promised sunshine and warmth, but nature had other plans. As afternoon storms rolled in, casting dramatic shadows across the landscape, Megan and Joss embraced the unpredictability of love and weather alike, their spirits undampened by the rain.

One of the highlights of the day was a towering display of champagne glasses, a symbol of the effervescence of their love and the joy that bubbled over in the company of their nearest and dearest. With glasses raised high, they toasted to a lifetime of adventures and shared experiences.

Though Joss's family hailed from Perth, they were united on this day by the bonds of love and family. Surrounded by loved ones, they reveled in the presence of their nieces and nephews, cherishing every moment spent with these little bundles of joy.

Megan and Joss wanted their wedding to be more than just a ceremony; they wanted it to be a celebration of love, friendship, and the joy of simply being together. From lawn games to leisurely drinks, they encouraged their guests to kick back, relax, and enjoy the day to the fullest.

As the sun set on their magical day, casting a golden glow over the festivities, Megan and Joss danced under the stars, their hearts full, and their souls intertwined. For in each other's arms, they had found their greatest adventure yet, and we can't wait to see where the journey will take them next.

And as they ventured forth, their love story continued to inspire, captivate, and remind us all that sometimes, the greatest adventure of all is the one we find in each other.

Venue - Private Property

Dress - Douchess Boutique

MUA - @makeupbynikkia

Florist - Wild Pollen

Hair Stylist - The Ivy Room

Celebrant - Alana Jayne

Catering - VGC Catering