In the heart of nature's embrace, Rachel and Jake embarked on a journey of love and togetherness at the enchanting Summerland Farm. Their wedding day was a celebration of simplicity, authenticity, and the beauty of two souls coming together as one.

Despite their modesty about their photogenic qualities, Rachel and Jake radiated a natural charm and authenticity that endeared them to everyone they met. Their down-to-earth demeanor and easygoing nature made them a delight to work with, bringing a sense of calmness and ease to all who crossed their path.

The Bridesmaids, adorned in emerald green dresses, stood by Rachel's side with such elegance and grace. Rachel and Jake exchanged vows amidst the rustic charm, surrounded by rolling hills and the gentle breeze of the countryside. Their wedding at Summerland Farm was not just a celebration of their union but a testament to the beauty of simplicity, the power of love, and the magic that happens when two souls find their perfect match.

As the afternoon sun began its descent, casting a warm glow over the farm, Rachel and Jake snuck away for a moment of quiet reflection amidst the farm animals. They basked in the beauty of the moment, cherishing the memories being created. For in each other's arms, they had found a love that was pure, genuine, and everlasting, a love that would light their path through all the adventures that lay ahead.

It was a night to remember from the Cath Times Band, whose music filled the air with joy and excitement, creating an atmosphere that was nothing short of epic. With loved ones grooving to their music, creating an unforgettable atmosphere that lasted well into the evening!

Venue - Summerland Farm

Musician/ Band - Cath Simes Band

MUA - Jess Andrews from the Beauty Shed

Florist - The Enchanted Florist

Hair Stylist - Thalia Kilpatrick 

Celebrant - Victoria Armstrong

Dress - Angelic Bridal